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Kabulov to Observe US-Taliban Agreement on behalf of Moscow

Russian president’s special envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov is Moscow’s observer at the US-Taliban accord expected to be signed on Feb. 29. Mr Kabulov has had a major role in the Afghan peace process

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Abu Dhabi Congrats Ghani’s Victory in Election

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, congratulated President Ashraf Ghani’s victory in the election and stressed on the economic and strategic relations between the two countries

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Many Countries Invited to Attend US-Taliban Deal ceremony: Qatari Envoy

Qatar’s special envoy to Afghanistan, who arrived in Kabul Sunday to discuss Afghanistan’s peace process, says several key countries and organizations involved in the Afghan peace process have been invited to attend the signing ceremony of a US-Taliban peace deal in Doha

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President Ghani Tasked Commission for Holding Inauguration ceremony

President Ghani, in a new verdict, tasked a commission to hold the president’s inauguration ceremony. Based on this verdict, a commission has been set up to conduct the inauguration ceremony and the security agencies are required to cooperate with the commission

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Next Steps in Peace Process Depends on Taliban’s Performance in Reduction of Violence period: Ghani

On the occasion of the dramatic reduction of violence which began at midnight Friday, President Ashraf Ghani in a message to the Afghan people said that the next steps in the peace process are dependent on the Taliban’s performance during this period

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UN: 3,403 Civilian Killed in 2019 in Afghanistan

A UN report says more than 100,000 civilians killed or hurt in the last 10 years in Afghanistan since it began documenting casualties in the country

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Moscow Never Imposed Scenario on Afghan People: Lavrov to Rahmani

Afghan Parliamentary delegation led by the speaker of the House of Representatives Mir Rahman Rahmani met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow

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EU Backs Up Election Results

Following the announcement by IEC of the final results of the presidential elections of 28 September 2019, EU congratulated president M. Ashraf Ghani on the outcome of the electoral process

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Ghani Wins Election, Abdullah Not Accepts

M. Ashraf Ghani declared the winner of the Afghan presidential poll, however, his rival Abdullah Abdullah along with the members of his team said at a press conference that the results are “illegal” and his team will form an “inclusive” government

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President Ghani to Nanci Pelosi:

Taliban Involved in Drug Trafficking/ Terrorist Shelters in Pakistan, Unsolved Problem

President M. Ashraf Ghani met Sunday night with the speaker of the US house of representatives Nancy Pelosi and a number of congress members on the sideline of the 56th Munich Security Conference in Germany

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Munich Conference;

Details of President Ghani’s Meeting with US Officials

Afghan presidential palace (Arg) released the details of President Ghani’s meeting with the US Defence and Interior secretaries on the sideline of the Munich security conference. US officials assured President Ghani that every clause of the agreement is conditions-based

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