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Who Cares If Al-Qaeda Remain in Afghanistan?

The question of even greater consequence, what is the best way to counter it? Continued conventional armed combat against the Taliban is not the answer. Finding, containing, monitoring and killing Al Qaeda is the answer.

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Twin Blasts in Bamyan; Death Toll, Reactions

Back-to-back explosions in central Bamyan province killed at least 17 people and wounded 60 more late Tuesday.

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Afghanistan-Pakistan Distrust; Challenge to Peace process and Sustainable Stability

In 2011, Pakistan’s ISI and Afghanistan’s NDS agreed on an MoU for intelligence sharing and cooperation. However, the then NDS chief refused to sign the MoU as the Ghani administration faced stiff resistance from within on the issue

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Afghanistan Geneva Conference-2020 Pending

The 2020 Afghanistan Conference is a ministerial pledging conference, co-hosted by the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Government of Finland and the United Nations, which will take place hours later.

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Full statement of President Ghani’s Remarks at UNHCR High-level Consultations

The full statement of President Ashraf Ghani to the UNHCR high-level consultations in the lead-up to the 2020 Afghanistan conference on return and re-integration: “Building a future for all Afghans”.

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Rocket Hits Iran’s Embassy in Kabul has No Casualties

After 23 rockets landed in different parts of Kabul city, the Iranian embassy in Kabul announced that one of the rockets landed at its compound, but had no casualties.

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Kabul Hit by 14 Rockets: officials

The Afghan Ministry of Interior affairs says that 14 rockets were landed in various residential parts of Kabul city.

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Negotiating Teams in Doha Agreed on Principles

The Afghan government and the Taliban negotiating teams agreed on principles of negotiations, but official sources have not commented yet, according to reports.

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President Ghani and Pakistan PM:

Our Nation Demands Comprehensive Truce/ Pakistan will do Everything to Reduce Violence

President Ashraf Ghani and the Pakistani PM Imran Khan held a joint press conference on Thursday afternoon. President Ghani said the Afghan people demand a comprehensive ceasefire and that violence is not an answer to the current situation. Pakistani PM stressed that his country will do everything possible to reduce the violence.

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Pakistan PM Arrived in Kabul

Heading a high-level delegation, Pakistani PM Imran Khan just landed in Kabul to discuss bilateral relations.

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Dr Abdullah Departs for Turkey

Heading a high-level delegation, Abdullah Abdullah chairman of High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) just left Kabul for Istanbul on a two-day official visit.

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