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President Ghani:

Taliban Tired of War, Leaders Living in Pleasure/ What Plan Abdullah, Karzai have for Country?

President Ghani in an interview on the sideline of the world economic forum in Switzerland said that Taliban fighters are tired of war, but their leaders do business in Doha. He also said that Dr Abdullah and Hamid Karzai have no written plan for Afghanistan

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Imran Khan Unintentionally Revealed Pakistan

If we review the logical course of the US-Taliban negotiations, we should realize that Pakistan – or at least the core of its power (Pakistan armed forces) – has not so far allowed the Taliban to directly negotiate with the Afghan government or to accept a ceasefire

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Afghan CAA’s Revenue Reaches $100,000 Daily: officials

This increase in revenue comes after Afghan airspace flights have been leveled up, say officials of the Afghan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

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Mawlawi Ansari’s Al-Amr bil-Maʿrūf wa-Nahy ʿAnil-Munkar Office is Illegal: MoJ

Zakia Adeli, the Deputy Minister of Justice in social affairs says the activities of Al-Amr bil-Maʿrūf wa-Nahy ʿAnil-Munkar office (an inquisition office) which has been recently established in western Herat province is illegal

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US in Afghanistan; Two Decades of Lies and Deceit with most Oppressed Nation in World

The US was not sincere in its fight against terrorism. It did not have the right strategy in establishing a democratic government in Afghanistan, and it pursued a dual policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan, turning Afghanistan into proxy rivalries for regional and global powers…

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Mohib but Popular

Perhaps one of the secrets of Mr Mohib’s popularity is that he does not confront others, does not take a stance against this or that faction, considering himself as the son of Afghanistan and because of that earned a place in the heart of Afghan people

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We Support Women against Animosity and Extremism: Herat Governor

In response to anti-feminine propaganda by some Herat Ulema, Abdul Qayyum Rahimi, the governor of western Herat province said that they support women as it is one their priority, insisting that necessary measures have been taken to prevent the growth of extremism in the province

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Amid Peace Talks, Kabul says “Reduction of Violence” has no Legal, Practical aspects

Agreement on resuming US-Taliban peace talks with the precondition for a ceasefire was Afghan President’s proposal to his US counterpart which was endorsed by Donald Trump,” said Seddiq Sediqqi, a spokesman to the Afghan presidential palace (Arg)

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Kabul is Determined in the Peace Process; the Security Code that Mohib Offered to Raisina Dialogue

Tired of “friend and foe”, Kabul has now launched a new effort of regional recruitment and Mohib’s remarks have been echoed in this regard…

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There is Corruption in Customs, but we Not have Evidence: MoF

The Afghan Ministry of Finance (MoF) launched a 3-day program, starting Wednesday, to celebrate Tax Week in Badam Bagh area of capital Kabul

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WB to Support Afghanistan’s Economic Plans

World Bank Regional Vice President Mr. Hartwig Schaefer during a meeting with President Ashraf Ghani supported Afghan development and economic programs and discussed the World Bank (WB)’s assistance and support to our country

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