Recently, violence against women has increased in Bamyan and causes of concern to the people of this province. During recent weeks, several murders occurred in Bamyan province that most of victims were women. At the same time, M. Behzad, the DID News Agency reporter, had an interview with Ms. Karima Salik the “President of Women’s Affairs of Bamyan”.
DID: What are the factors that increase the violence against women in Bamyan?
Salek: Violence against women is an ominous phenomenon which has become cause of concern for citizens of Bamyan .
The Violence against women has several reasons in this province that include, family violence, lack of awareness of their rights and the culture and traditions ruling in a community, caused this phenomenon, but the majority of violence doing by the families.
DID: Do the related institutions have been able to assist women in addressing their rights?
Salek : Unfortunately, the Prosecutor office and the Bamyan Criminal Court department work slowly to investigate the cases of women and the cases rotate hand in hand, so this reason causes their cases cannot be handle correctly.
DID: What is the reasons for slowness of case investigations?
Salek : What has become a common trend in Afghanistan , turnover in governmental offices. When the head of an organization changes and someone else comes instead, too much time required to gain access the office information. Since, the Bamiyan Women Affairs Department is the only institution dedicated to the women, so the majority of cases referring to the organization is follow the same manner.
DID: How do you see the presence of women in the family, community, and governmental organizations?
Salek: The presence of women is promising in local government organizations in Bamyan than other provinces, fortunately, the gender well-observed in the governmental organizations and more than 17 percent of women are present in every office. The Bamyan Women Affairs Department recommends the women to organizations and institutions and the governor of Bamiyan in office meetings directed to all heads of local administrations giving priority to the female employees in the hiring process.
DID: Which governmental organizations have highlighted women presence?
Salek: women mostly executing the task in the field of education and security agencies, Particularly the Department of Education that the majority of its employees are women. Fortunately Bamyan is the first province that has high number of women polices.
DID: Is there any hope for eliminating violence against women in Bamyan province?
Salek: Vanishing and eliminating violence against women in Bamyan province is not possible and we cannot completely eliminate this phenomenon; but through training programs and workshops, we can reduced the violence because violence is an old phenomenon which is tied up to the traditions of the rural population, but we’re working to reduce it.
DID: what do you think the role of religious scholars and intellectuals due to elimination of violence against women?
Salek : Although religious leaders are responsible to speak on the elimination of violence against women from the viewpoint of religion and Islamic Sharia on Friday Prayers sermon but, unfortunately, we see the violent acts by religious leaders and they are also failed in the field of fighting against violence. Fortunately, educated young people look at women to their actual position and not only ignore, but they defense their rights.

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