Over 4-thousand Complaints have been Addressed, says ECC

Officials at the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) says that they have processed 4,362 election-related complaints

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Head of Afghan IEC Threatened to Death

The head of Afghanistan’s IEC Hawa Alam Nuristani says that the “Fraudulent Team” has threatened her to death

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Iran’s ambassador in Kabul:

Iran Supports Afghan Election Process

The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kabul says that his country supports election process in Afghanistan, and that the 2019 elections had fewer problems than the 2014 elections

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Russia’s Embassy in Kabul:

Moscow Not Support any Candidates in Afghanistan

Possible support of Russia from a specific candidate in Afghanistan is a “rumor” and Moscow does not support any particular candidate, the Russian Embassy in Kabul said in a statement to DID Press

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Russian Foreign Ministry:

Afghan Election Results Must be Transparent

Despite some problems in the Afghan election process, Moscow sees the process positive, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova at a press conference

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International Friends Monitoring Election process daily: IEC

The head of Afghanistan’s IEC says that the processing of information is ongoing fast and the preliminary results will be announced later in October

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We will Stand against Election Frauds: Nabil

Insisting on preventing frauds in the Afghan presidential elections, the head of the Security and Justice electoral team says that if transparent votes would be separated from the non-transparent, the team which claims victory, would not even take the third place

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M. Ashraf Ghani:

New Afghan President to Take Oath in next 3 Weeks

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani says the new president will take oath in the coming three weeks based on the people’s votes

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First Round of Election has No winner, Take Preparations for Second Round: Nabil

The presidential election has no winner in the first round and the IEC should make preparations for the second round, says Rahmatullah Nabil head of Security and Justice electoral team, adding that those who claim victory, are pushing Afghanistan towards crisis

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Digital Center to Check Result Table of Votes Opened in IEC

For the first time, a digital center was opened in the IEC to check the result table of votes, the Afghan IEC said in a statement

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