US to Reduce Burden of War in Afghanistan: Khalilzad

US special representative on Afghan peace process Zalmay Khalilzad has said that America will reduce the cost of war in Afghanistan

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Russian Foreign Ministry:

Afghan Election Results Must be Transparent

Despite some problems in the Afghan election process, Moscow sees the process positive, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova at a press conference

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Ex-French President Jacques Chirac Died aged 86

Jacques Chirac, a two-term French president who was the first leader to acknowledge France’s role in the Holocaust and defiantly opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, died Thursday at age 86

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World at a Crossroads and a System of International Relations for the Future

These days, the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly opens up. So does a new international “political season”

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China Signals Veto on UNAMA Mandate in Afghanistan

China signals veto in standoff with US over UN security council resolution to extend the UN political mission’s mandate in Afghanistan.

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Russian foreign ministry spokesperson:

Full End of Foreign Military Presence, Means Lasting Peace in Afghanistan

After peace talks between the US and Taliban negotiators stopped by president Trump, the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said in a statement that Moscow hopes these talks will resume as soon as possible

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Russian, Qatari FMs Discussed Afghanistan

The Russian and Qatari Foreign Ministers discussed Afghanistan during a telephone conversation, Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement

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Washington Not Know How Efforts for Peace will End

U.S. Secretary Mike Pompeo said Tuesday that President Donald Trump wants to bring many troops home and that Washington does not know how these efforts towards peace and reconciliation will end

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No Rush for US Withdrawal from Afghanistan, says Trump

President Donald Trump said U.S. talks with the Taliban are on “no timeline” for reaching a resolution to the nearly 18-year-old war, which has claimed more than 2,400 Americans

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US Senator Warns:

US Troops Withdrawal would Lead to another Sep. 11

US republican senator Warned in an interview Saturday that withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan would lead to another September 11

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